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Public Outreach

Public participation was a huge part of the success of the 2014 Spring Lake Data Recovery project. Thanks to everyone who came out and contributed! Click on the images below to see photos of our public participation days when volunteers joined us in the field.

CAS archaeologists also wrote a series of blog posts about the Spring Lake Data Recovery Project. Here is one about Public Participation as an approach to Stewardship.

Public Participation: An Approach to Public Stewardship


Stop by the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment to see an exhibit on Spring Lake Archaeology in the Discovery Hall. This exhibit was created as part of CAS's Public Outreach plan for the Spring Lake Data Recovery project and was sponsored by the City of San Marcos and the Meadows Center.

Below are custom illustrations by Eric S. Carlson, created for the Spring Lake Data Recovery Project. These can also be viewed at the Spring Lake Archaeology exhibit in the Discovery Hall.