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Preserving the Spring Lake Site

Did you know that the Spring Lake site is a State Antiquities Landmark (SAL)?

This means it is it has been designated by the Texas Historical Commission (THC) as a significant archaeological site worthy of legal protection under the Antiquities Code of Texas. SAL designation establishes that the site is an important part of our State's historical legacy.

As such, all ground disturbing activities within the boundaries of the Spring Lake Site must be reviewed by the THC, and unauthorized/non- permitted digging or collecting of artifacts is unlawful. Looters or vandals risk fines and imprisonment when they enter public lands to collect artifacts or dig into archaeological sites.

It is our hope that this website can be an educational resource for our community that connects people with the site in a meaningful way so that they feel inspired to join us as stewards of the Spring Lake Archaeological Site.

CAS is committed to raising awareness regarding the importance of archaeology and its role in protecting and preserving our past, and we encourage you to do the same!

Help us protect the Spring Lake Site and other archaeological sites in Texas. Whether it is becoming more informed about the importance of archaeology yourself, or finding ways to promote archaeological stewardship in your own community, you play a crucial role in ensuring the ethical treatment and protection of our irreplaceable archaeological resources.